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Sustainable fault finding,
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Save time and costs while sparing the environment

A lot of companies face challenges when a circuit board breaks down. It can be difficult to source, be expensive or have long delivery times. Sometimes, the item in question has been discontinued and you would have to replace an entire system.

At Renotronic, we are specialists in fault finding, repair and life extension of every kind of circuit board (Including other electronics).

For a long time, it has been the general idea that defective electronics needs to be scrapped. This idea probably originates from the fact that consumer electronics have gotten cheaper, and that very few are able to repair the electronics. The truth is, however, that industrial electronics are often expensive, have long delivery times or have been discontinued.

By repairing, you will often save both time and money. Furthermore, you spare the environment by not contributing to unnecessary production of new electronics. If you are looking for a place for the repair of circuit boards or other electronics, we can surely help.

The production of electronics can include up to 50 different chemical elements, which leaves a lot of bad waste! Research has shown that there for instance is used 1.5 tonnes of raw material to produce a computer. At CSK Group Renotronic we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals with focus on goal number 12: Responsible consumption and production. You can join us, by choosing a repair instead of buying new.

Electronics in general are everywhere today and is a big part of everyday life. The general notion is that electronics must work without issues all the time, if not we just replace it. This thought maybe resides in the fact that only a few people understand the workings- and can fault find and service electronics, or that it is seen as something static and non-upgradeable. This is a misunderstanding – Electronics repair is a good idea on almost every level.

Electronics gets worn over time and much like other mechanical equipment it can be repaired on the same level. Some components get worn out due issues such as drying out, heat or vibrations, but the common topic is that this can be repaired.

It is possible to not only repair electronics, but also service and maintain full operation without down-time. We can do just that; Service, maintain, and life extend electronics across industries. If you would like a service check, we can look at the most appropriate solution to ensure stability and reliability.

Our customers return

We have several examples where we have saved customers huge costs. You can look at some of our customers further down the page. Our target segment contains all industries and company sizes. Whether you are a one-man operation or a bigger corporation, we are prepared to help and find a solution.

What are we able to repair?

We can repair almost everything concerning electronics. We do not distinguish between parts from a CNC machine, radar or a milking machine. You can see some case examples under “Projects”.

What about warrenty?

We offer two years of warrenty on all our repairs.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the fault and complexity of it. It is free to get in touch with us or send us a request. We can usually provide an estimate based on former experience.

Is a repaired circuit board just as good?

A repaired board is often better than a new one.  The rapid development in electronics can result in new components having maybe 10- or 100-times longer lifetime or tolerances, being better in every way. When repairing items, we always use the newest components possible to ensure an upgraded circuit board, that beats the one you would buy from the factory. If you want life extension on a product this is also possible.

Why choose Renotronic?

  • We are professional electronics specialists
  • Our electronics lab is ESD certified EN 100015 / IEC 61340 (Third party)
  • We have advanced equipment that reduces spend time and saves you money
  • We have a lot of experience from many different industries
  • Electronic repairs from us is both fast and of high quality

Our certificates

AMA Laser Partner

MSA Certified

Achilles Certified

ISO / TS 29001:2010

ESD Certified



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